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What is Town Haat?

"Haat" in India is a local marketplace where one can find anything - small or big. Everything is available at a bargain.
Town Haat is your online marketplace where you can find any services or products at great discount - be it a dinner with friends, a weekend gateway for entire family or a dance class for your daughter in the nearby area.
I am not looking for any particular thing. I may be interested if there is some great deal on offer!

"Haat Deals" is the place for you to start. These are hugely discounted deals that we bring after lot of hard work and heavy customization with merchants and service providers.
I am looking for deals on a particular service or product I am planning to buy!

"More Deals" is the place for you. This is the catalogue of all deals and special offers in your area. You can narrow down your search based on a keyword, category, discount or price range. Idea here is to get you what you are looking for at this time. These are internet only deals brought directly from the merchants and service providers in your area.
I just want to find out a service provider, store or a merchant in my area!

"Haat Stores" is the place for you. This is the directory of all stores and service providers in your area that have been verified by us. You can narrow down your search based on a keyword or category. You can click on "Visit Store" to see their online store and get complete information about a provider, services, products, pictures and contact information. And if that provider is offering a deal currently, you can find it here, too.
How it works?

It's very simple!
Just start browsing on the Deals or Haat Stores. If you like anything, click on 'Get it' button. You don't need to register to get a coupon. Just follow these steps.
1. Subscribe
Select your city/ area on top and subscribe to get deal alerts in your email and mobile. We will send you a special deal in your city/ area daily.
2. Get it
Click on 'Get it' button to get your deal. Many times our coupons are free. For paid coupons, many online credit card or net banking payment options are available. You can print your coupon instantly after buying. You also get a copy in your email.
3. Enjoy
Print your coupon and visit the local provider or store to get your product or service. Pay the remaining amount while getting it.
4. Share
More members means more buying power and better deals for all, so share the deals with your friends, family and colleagues. You can share the deals using facebook, twitter, linkedin, orkut or email buttons provided with every deal.
Did you know?

Deals make great gifts!
Give the gift of dinner outing, hobby class or local adventure to friends, family or anybody who needs to get out more. You'll be giving presents worth twice what you paid, and without going shopping or paying shipping costs. So, use "Buy it for a friend" link to send the coupon as a gift.

Deals on your phone!
You can search for deals or merchants on your mobile with ease. Use our mobile web link.

Town Haat for businesses!
If you own a business and want it to be listed on Town Haat, visit Town Haat for Businesses